Kapture Wristband Records All Your Conversations 24/7

Do you sometimes go out, mutter a brilliant quip during an alcohol-filled haze, and suddenly find yourself the star of the conversation?  Then, you go home and clearly remember the excited faces of everyone hanging on to your every word.  Somehow, though, you can’t recall what brilliant lines actually slipped out of your mouth.  With the Kapture Wristband, that never has to be a problem again.

Sure, you can turn on your phone and start recording all your conversations 24/7.  We doubt you’ll love the result, though, with your battery running empty halfway through the day.

The Kapture is a water-resistant wristband consisting of a silicone band with a plastic grille on top that houses an omnidirectional microphone, a Bluetooth radio, and an accelerometer.  The hardware constantly records audio on a 60-second loop — tap the grille once and the latest 60-second audio will be sent to the accompanying app on your phone.  That way, if you come up with a clever line trying to impress a cute girl in a bar during the heat of the moment, all you need to do is tap the wristband to save the quip, making it easier to reuse when the same situation comes up again down the line.    A rechargeable battery sits onboard, which should last a full 24 hours before requiring to be plugged in.

Aside from shoring up your own verbal strokes of genius, the device is obviously useful for recording important information people tell you without having to write them down.  From dates you need to keep track of to requests from your boss to directions to your friend’s party, the wristband makes it easy to have a complete record of important items right on your phone.

Currently, Kapture is collecting backers on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $75.

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