Retire Your Pajamas With The Karate Casual Pants

For people with bellies that continue to grow over time, there’s no invention more amazing than drawstring pants. From the pink of your youth to the excesses of your 20s to the sedated prime of your 30s, it’s the only pair of pants that will continue to embrace you through waistline changes brought about by years of beer, greasy food and relative inactivity. That’s the spirit that the Karate Casual Pants was tailored with – continued comfort through changing times.

Styled after the pair of trousers you see martial artists donning in the gym, it’s as snug as you can ever hope pants to be. How snug? Enough to make it replace your pajamas as a default around-the-house, “going commando” gear. Unlike pajamas or even real karate pants, they look good enough not to be an embarrassment when you wear them out too. Not that you ever leave the house, but just in case.

The Karate Casual Pants are made from seersucker, an all-cotton fabric that’s gentle on your skin and, as all layabout fabrics should strive for, requires no ironing. It comes with a 1-inch wide black belt integrated on the waist, which you can cinch into a knot to hold the pants up. The belt is decorated with eleven red stripes – none of which mean anything, but you can always make up a story.

Playing video games at home all day doesn’t mean you need to keep your pajamas on indefinitely. Switch it up a bit with the Karate Casual Pants, an equally convenient attire – with a martial arts twist – for the perpetually lazy. It’s available for $70.

[thanks Cordarounds]