Karate Chopper Lets You Slice Lettuce Like A Kitchen Black Belt

Like many food preparation duties, chopping lettuce is a dull chore.  But someone’s gotta do it, so you find ways to make it just slightly more entertaining. And the Karate Chopper definitely looks a whole load more fun than your regular kitchen instruments.

Clad in the shape of a hand about to whack you with an open hand chop, the lettuce knife will let you slice those salad greens just as easily as all the other blades in your kitchen.   Except it does the deed with the added novelty of a green karateka black belt doing the hacking.

The Karate Chopper is made from a high-impact plastic material that measures 11.25 inches long and 4 inches wide.   The ready-to-attack hand features a sharpened plastic edge for slicing those icebergs and butterheads, along with a knife-style handle to give you a comfortable grip.

For some reason, seeing this makes me want a ping pong paddle clad in the shape of a hand about to slap somebody.  That way, I can smack that iPong Ball Launcher extra hard the next time it dares remind me about my lack of table tennis talents.

We’re pretty sure you don’t need another novelty tool in the kitchen.  Seriously, though, how can you resist a lettuce knife that looks this awesome?  The Karate Chopper is available now, priced at $12.