Karim Rashid’s Alloy Decorative Metal Tiles Will Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Spaceship


Metal tiles are awesome.  Forget the waterproof and stain-proof qualities – it’s the fastest way to make any interior look modern and classy.  Karim Rashid’s collaboration with Australian company Alloy Design ups the ante, creating combinations that look downright futuristic.

Touted to “change the face of metal tiles,” the collection consists of seven new designs (with names like Flux, Infinit, Karma, Kismet, Ninja, Kink and Ubiquity) that are based off recurring cells.    Dispatching of the traditional square patterns completely, the cells come in unusual shapes that create illusions of motion once they’re laid out across flat surfaces.


All tiles in the Karim Rashid collection are available in the range of Alloy Design’s finishes, including raw steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium.  Each one is punched from sheets of 1.6mm-thick  solid metal, ensuring long-lasting wear.  According to Alloy, the pieces will never break, crack or delaminate during their lifetime.


Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen tiles look this good.  If you want to make your kitchen look like the hull of a spaceship, forget sci-fi decals – this thing is all you need.  Of course, you’ll probably need a considerably larger renovation budget since the tiles cost $5 apiece.  Hit the link below to see pictures of all the varying designs.

[Alloy Designs]