KarTent Cardboard Tents Offer The Most Convenient Solution For Festival Camping


Spring is coming and that means the first onslaught of music festivals for the year. To many, that means spending a few days camping on festival grounds with friends, while enjoying music, and, quite possibly, a whole load of substances. While you can pitch your own tents (even that awesome Mollusc Nano) at any festival you plan to attend, KarTent offers a much more convenient solution.

Instead of packing your own tent and hauling it to the show, you reserve a Kartent online and pick up right on the festival grounds. Once you’re done, just leave it behind and get on with your life. Very convenient.


The KarTent is a flat-packed cardboard tent that easily assembles on festival grounds. Sized to sleep two people, it comes with a door for easy entry, along with a vent on top of it to let air circulate in and out of the space. Do note, there’s no way to lock the tent, so it’s probably best to keep your valuables on your person whether you’re in or out of it. While a cardboard roof can shield you from the sun, the rain is another story, so each one comes with a waterproofing treatment that can last up to four days of continuous rain without a single drop ever entering the shelter space.

Currently, the KarTent is only available for Best Kept Secret, Daydream, DGTL, and Awakenings festivals, although with its apparent convenience, we’ll be surprised if we don’t see similar offerings for others when festival season arrives.

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