Cardboard Kartoni Foosball Table Might Just Save Your Marriage One Day

You want a foosball table.  So you told the wife and the she wasn’t very pleased with the idea.  In fact, she threw a fit.  And all was not well with the world.  But, somehow, someway, you will manage to save the day.  And you will do it with a Kartoni Foosball Table.

Sized and styled like the foosball tables you see at pubs, it lets you play tabletop soccer the way you would on any regulation version of the game.  Except the whole table is cut entirely in cardboard, making it light enough to easily pick up when the need to move the action to another room arises.  And why would you need to move the action to another room?  Because the wife is coming.  And if she finds out there’s a foosball table in the vicinity, she will get angry.

Designed by Kickpack, the Kartoni Foosball measures 59 x 28 x 35.4 inches (w x h x d) and weighs a very manageable 20 pounds.  Since cardboard might not actually work for use as rods and players (you’ll need to be able to spin them fast enough to flick the ball hard), those parts are constructed from sustainable harvested wood, helping ensure gameplay will be as fun as other foosball tables you’ve played with over the years.  It even comes with three cup holders and a built-in iPhone speaker, making for a veritable party table to sink hours and hours of your adult life into.  Yeah, we guess that’s why the wife gets angry.

Everything can be assembled without glue, screws or tools, making disassembly just as easy.  That means, you can take the whole thing apart and hide the various pieces inside an innocent-looking box every night before going to bed, minimizing the chances of the wife finding out and getting mad.

The Kartoni Foosball is available now at Fab, priced at $99. Don’t forget to watch the video of this table in action.

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