Keego Is A Titanium Water Bottle That You Can Squeeze… Really


Metal drinking bottles are awesome, since they insulate your drinks way better, all while surviving rough use in a much more capable manner. Problem is, it eliminates the ability to squeeze out your drink, which is very useful when you’re actively engaged in a sporting activity like cycling or running. Plus, it’s just way faster than having to open a lid and take a big gulp. The Keego changes that.

Why not just use a squeezable plastic bottle like everyone else? Well, that’s fine and all. You have to admit, though, plastic bottles are notorious for losing cold quickly, all while making your drink taste flat after a brief amount of time, especially after some exposure to the sun. Suffice to say, if you value taste, metals are a lot more preferable to plastics when it comes to water bottles.


Billed as “the world’s first squeezable metal bottle,” Keego is actually made from real metal, all while being able to squeeze like a regular plastic bottle. How? Sorcery, of course. In this case, wizards at Weego’s workshop in a faraway land called Europe managed to, somehow, cobble together an elastic metal material that they used to create this wondrous work of magic. To be specific, those wizards used 99.8 percent pure titanium that’s been fused to an elastic polymer core, enabling the incredibly unique functionality.

According to the outfit, the bottle allows you to squeeze much like a regular plastic bottle, making it just as easy to take a quick drink while using a single hand and keeping your eyes on the path. It promises to provide a precise stream and a generous flow rate of whatever beverage you have inside, so you don’t have to fuss around trying to get a satisfying sip.


Because it’s cut in titanium, Keego remains lightweight at 3.45 ounces, all while exhibiting all the durable qualities of metal water bottles. It also helps retain the fresh taste of your drink for longer, just like with your favorite steel or aluminum drinking vessels. Plus, that same titanium build means this thing is likely to stay in your gear stash for a long, long time, with that metal’s ability to resist damage even after multiple drops and bumps. Fortunately, the valve is made from medical-grade silicone, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your teeth while trying to quench your thirst.


It comes with a 24 fl. oz. (710 ml) capacity, so you should be able to use it to carry a generous supply of refreshment, all while coming in a profile that’s designed to fit snugly in a standard bottle cage for bikes. Ripples on the body should help facilitate a much better grip (you don’t want your bottle slipping while you’re pedaling on your bike), complete with an all-weather finish that’s also scratch-resistant. It only comes in one color for now, a metallic shade of gray, with the valve coming in a distinct blue shade.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Keego. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €35.

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