Kelty Low Love Seat Is A Two-Person Camp Chair For Cuddling Up Outdoors


Camp chairs are awesome, since they let you enjoy somewhat comfortable seating while slumming it out in the middle of nowhere. Problem is, the darn things are cramped, making it absolutely impossible to fit absolutely anything but a single bum on the seat. That means, your dog can’t idle up next to you, nor can you do sweet things when camping with your girl. The Kelty Low Love Seat changes that.

A two-person camp chair, the backcountry furniture can collapse into a relatively compact bundle just like a standard camp chair, all while unfolding into a love seat sized to hold two people. Whether you want to snuggle up with someone around the campfire, chill out with your dog seated next to you, or just want more space than what those tiny camp chairs provide, this thing should do the trick.


The Kelty Low Love Seat comes with comfortable seating for two, ensuring you and a friend, whether human or dog, can cozy up in a relaxed position. Adjustable armrests on either side of the chair give you each a place to set down your elbows, while a cup holder on each arm rest allows you to rest your drinks, whether it’s the cup of coffee you’re sipping in the morning or a stiff mix you mixed up with whatever shitty alcohol you managed to bring along. Those cup holder, by the way, come with integrated insulation, so they should help keep your drinks’ temperatures at desired levels.

It has a slightly reclined back rest so you can lean back if you want, although the seat itself is level so you can plop down upright if that’s how you prefer it.  A durable steel frame ensures it can handle the weight of two people without any issues, although the outfit does caution not to burden it with more than 500 pounds. More impressively, it manages that while weighing just 14 pounds.


Like many camp chairs, the Kelty Low Love Seat is designed to sit low, so the seat is situated around just a foot off the ground. We know, it’s not the most comfortable way to lounge, so we pity those with tired legs (you know, like those times you’ve just burned your legs pedaling up a mountain) who need to get up from this thing. It is, however, a good enough compromise in order to maintain a compact build.


It comes with a carrying roll that you can use to hold the chair when it’s collapsed, so you can carry it separately from the rest of your gear. The carrying roll is padded, by the way, so the chair will be covered up and protected while you’re in transit, while a carry handle and a shoulder strap gives you two options in bringing it along. And, yes, the roll is large enough to fit much more than the chair, so you can use it to carry your tent, sleeping bag, and other camping gear.

The Kelty Low Love Seat is available now.

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