Kelty LumaTwist: Because Emergency Portable Lighting Is Necessary Again

After Hurricane Sandy, a lot of us just realized having proper portable lighting at home is actually essential.  And for the most part, the narrow beam of a flashlight (yes, even if it’s an Olight Intimidator) just won’t suffice.  You want something portable, compact and with enough illuminating power to keep multiple sides of the room lit.  That’s exactly what the Kelty LumaTwist offers.

When not in use, it’s just a neat little box measuring 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.  Once you need some emergency lighting, though, simply pull out the pivoted dual LED panels, which can be twisted and turned a full 360-degrees, allowing you to shine a light on two separate areas of a room with no problem.    That way, you can read yesterday’s newspaper on one side of the living room while your kids make shadow puppets on the other, all while waiting for the power to go back on.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Kelty LumaTwist has impact-resistant ABS plastic construction, along with impact-resistant polycarbonate for the lens, rendering it amiable for use even through tougher weather conditions.   The adjustable panels are armed with 13 5mm Nichia LEDs each, giving it up to 140 lumens of output.  It uses four D batteries for power, fueling the lights for up to 42 hours at 140 lumens and 105 hours at 80 lumens.

Whether you need adjustable hands-free lighting for camping, home emergencies or DIY work at home, the LumaTwist seems like a solid performer for the job.   It’s available now from Kelty, priced at $59.95.

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