Kelty Pop Duo Is A Picnic Bag With An Integrated Table

Going on a picnic is nice. Having to carry a bag, a cooler and a portable table, however, isn’t all that enticing. Unless you’re toting the Kelty Pop Duo, a compact picnic bag that combines all three in a single carry-on.

Measuring a stocky 14.5 x 12.5 x 13 inches, the bag divides the interior into two separate components with individual closures – one for general storage and the other for a beverage cooler. Right between them is a fold-out prep table that you can use to lay out a modest picnic for two (or for one, since, let’s face it, you’re too cool for a date). The bag is freestanding and will hold its own even in moderate winds.

The Kelty Pop Duo can carry up to twenty 12-oz cans on the cooler and a similar volume of items on the other side. That means up to 40 beers on a single bag, making it a perfect companion for booze-friendly outdoor events like concerts and spectator sports. Just make sure to keep the ice strictly on the cooler area, since the other side has no waterproof lining whatsoever. Unless you think a dripping bag is funny, which it is, if you tell people you’re hiding a claustrophobic leprechaun inside.

Folded in, the bag can be carried using the two integrated handles or by hooking a shoulder strap. It’s made from 330D mini-ripstop polyester/210D polyester oxford and has taped seams, which should keep it durable enough for rough urban handling.

Amazon has the Kelty Pop Duo for $47.95.

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