Kenneth Cole Gives The Digital Watch Some Much Needed Style


Digital timepieces and class are two things that are rarely paired together.  Seriously, how awkward would it be to wear a Casio to a fancy dinner?  The Kenneth Cole Rubber Strap Digital Watch makes a strong statement marrying both, however, making it perfect for cats who want a LED panel watch with a little more flair than your regular G-Shock piece.

Managing to keep the geek factor away despite a pure digital display and a rubber strap, it’s as stylish a wrist candy as I’ve seen in a while.  Even the fonts used to display the time and dates are downright sexy.  It’s really one of the rare digital watches that you can picture on a suave but practical gentleman, who just happened to grow up on a steady diet of computer terminals and 8-bit gaming.

The Kenneth Cole Rubber Strap Digital Watch sports a stainless steel case, holding a stark-black LED screen that brings its blood-red fonts to life.  Like any self-respecting digital timepiece, it features a 24-hour alarm and a stopwatch, apart from the usual time, date and day displays.  Like to jetset?  Not a problem, since it can automatically adjust to 32 different international locations too.  Wow, look, no calculator on board either – allowing you to drop the whole “LED watches are for techies” stereotype.

Since it’s not mechanical, there’s nothing Swiss about it.  The time-telling module is sourced right out of China, where they churn out electronic chips like the Swiss dole out precision mechanical rigs.  Whether for a casual day out, a collar-popping club date or a slightly more refined engagement, it doesn’t look like this watch will ever feel out of place.

Love digital watches?  Keep the G-Shock for mountain climbing and adorn your city-slicking with the Kenneth Cole Rubber Strap Digital Watch instead.   It’s available for $150.

[Kenneth Cole]