Kettal Cottage Puts A Bed Inside A Mini-House

An outdoor bed is great.  Until it rains.  Or until the clouds disappear at high noon and the sun shines its intense torch.  The Kettal Cottage prepares for those situations, bringing a slatted roof that makes it perfect for use in nearly all weather conditions.

Designed by Milan-based Patricia Urquiola for furniture company Kettal, it’s, basically, a mini-cottage that houses nothing but a bed.  Instead of a solid roof, it uses slats that can be opened and closed just like window blinds.  That way, the breeze can pass through freely when the weather is good and you can cover up when the sun is at its peak.  Just don’t try to do anything with it during winter — the prospects don’t sound too good.

Under the roof of the Kettal Cottage sits a slightly raised platform with a mattress sized to fit two.  The bed can be laid flat horizontally or reclined into chaise-style seating.  A generous heaping of fabric attached to the roof can be draped across the slats to add another layer of cover or rolled to the side to give you an expansive view of the skies.   There’s even a strip of wood on one side of the bed that you can use as a table or a shelf.

They offer options in fabrics and finishes, hopefully including watertight canvas.  That way, you can stay chilling in the bed even when the drizzles come around.

We’re not sure about pricing or availability for the Kettal Cottage.  I’m definitely certain I really want one, though.

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