Kettle Gryp Turns Any Dumbbell Into A Functional Kettlebell To Change Up Your Workouts


Kettlebells are awesome, as they add an entirely new arsenal of exercises to your regular workouts. Problem is, many small gyms consider them an unnecessary purchase when they already have a full set of dumbbells in the rack. If you want to do kettlebell exercises without access to the equipment, you might want to check out the Kettle Gryp.

Designed to add a kettlebell handle to a standard dumbbell, the contraption lets you perform kettlebell exercises even without one of those ball-shaped resistance equipment anywhere in sight. Whether you’re doing swings, Turkish get-ups, or one-arm cleans, this thing lets you perform the movements the same way you would with an actual kettlebell in your hand.


The Kettle Gryp is a plastic attachment that clips onto the handles of dumbbells, placing a kettlebell-style handle several inches above it. It should work with any standard dumbbell, whether it’s fixed, adjustable, or those colorful ones your wife uses for her morning workouts. Heck, they can even work with those Attitube dumbbells that use water for weight. As such, you can bring it to any gym to give you instant access to a functional kettlebell for all of your workouts. Even better, you can easily move it from one dumbbell to another, allowing you to switch it to different weights without taking a lot of time.

Since the weight is distributed across two sides instead of concentrated at the center, the feel won’t be completely the same as a regular kettlebell, although it should be close enough that you can perform kettlebell workouts without having to make a lot of adjustments. Granted, the wider profile will probably make one or two exercises a little harder to execute, but, for most exercises, using a dumbbell in place of a kettlebell should make no significant difference.


According to its creators, the Kettle Gryp weighs around a pound, so it adds a little weight to the dumbbells you’re using. It’s something to consider in case you’re planning your workout around the accessory. Do note, it’s only rated for dumbbells of up to 55 pounds, so you might want to avoid using it with anything heavier, unless you want to risk inflicting damage onto the accessory.

Construction is tough and impact-resistant ABS plastic, so it should handle the rigors of daily workouts and clumsy handling at the gym, with high-quality Urethane foam inserts to make sure it grips onto dumbbells securely without damaging any of the gym’s equipment. All locking hardware is made from stainless steel.


Whether you’re looking to expand the range of exercises available using your dumbbell set at home or you want to do kettlebell exercises in a gym that doesn’t have the equipment, the Kettle Gryp should make your workout goals possible. The compact size ensures you can throw it in your gym bag without any issues, allowing you to bring it to every workout. You can even use it when traveling – just pair it with a dumbbell and you’ve got yourself a decent equipment to do some exercises while in the hotel room.

Available now, the Kettle Gryp is priced at $34.95.

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