Kettler Kettquad Brings Quad Racing To Kids


How do you trick your Wife into letting you buy an ATV or a Quad for that matter?   Rather than reason your way into getting one, go the irresistible route: get your kids hooked to the hobby.   How?  By buying them the new Kettler Kettquad, a pedal-powered quad racer made specially for kids, aged 5 to 12 years old.

Once your five year old’s off hitting the rocky mountains, sandy deserts and dusty trails all by his lonesome, just wait till the wife begins to worry and begins thinking up a solution.  Voila!  You can now get your own badass, motorized quad – so you can bond and look after your precious little outdoorsman.


The Kettquad isn’t just a quad-like kid’s toy designed to run on asphalt.  Instead, it’s a real quad racer, propped up on four pneumatic tires with lug tread for taking on difficult terrain.  Boasting a sporty and durable design, it comes with a steel tube frame, enclosed chain drive (for protection), chain tensioner, integrated no-shift reverse gear, disk brakes, parking brake and freewheel function (with backpedaling).  Comfort shouldn’t be an issue, either, with the ergonomically-designed handlebars and adjustable seats.

We’re not sure about the prospects of using one for a 200-lb (maybe 300?) feller like yourself, while you wait for the wife to “come up” with the idea of you buying your own adult quad.  Just in case you pull it off, though, make sure to let Junior use it once in a while.

There are no two ways about it: the German-built Kettler Kettquad is awesome.  Price is only a fraction of awesome, though, since it’s mighty expensive at $800.

Also a shout out to Nitro Circus guys: When can we expect to see this one being jumped over grand Canyon?

[Kettquad via Oh Gizmo]