Beauty And The Geek Pants Is The Ultimate Mobile Accessory And Fashion Disaster In One


Why wear a QWERTY keyboard right on your pants?   Because a keyboard looks more awesome than factory-applied rips, tears and stains.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for with the Beauty and the Geek, a casual-looking pair of jeans with a bunch of electronic peripherals integrated into it.

Designed by Erik De Nijs, the keyboard is positioned right at the crotch and front leg areas, which should feel like typing with a real keyboard on your lap.  I’d caution you against using the spacebar too much, though, if you’re guy – it might hurt.

We’re not sure why it’s named the way it is.  My best guess is, Erik thinks his trousers are supposed to be the Beauty, with whosoever wearing them being the Geek.  Thing is, geeks are largely practical fellows and this looks more like pointless Lady Gaga territory to me.


The Beauty and the Geek doesn’t stop at the keyboard, though.  It’s got speakers behind the knees and a joystick just behind the front zipper.   Yes, you’re going to look like a total perv playing any game with that controller – guaranteed.

No word on actual functionality for the electronics, though I assume it’s a largely cosmetic deal.  If they can make the keyboard, speaker and joystick interface with your smartphone and iPod, though, it should become one heck of an accessory.  Imagine: typing text messages on a full-sized keyboard, listening to sounds on desktop-sized speakers and fiddling with a joystick on your crotch wherever you are.  Okay, the latter’s just a bit silly, but the rest sound awesome.

[via Yanko Design]