A Keyboard Waffle Iron For Making Keyboards You Can Gladly Drown In Syrup


Several years back, an image circulated of a 60s Coronamatic Typewriter that’s been rigged to serve as a kitchen appliance that produced waffles with a keyboard pattern. Naturally, the internet loved it. The guy behind the original design, Chris Dimino, finally decided to cash in on the internet’s collective love for novelty with the Keyboard Waffle Iron, a real-life kitchen tool for making breakfast waffles that look like keyboards. Awesome.

Will it taste better than the regular waffles you crank out on that Breakfast Express in the kitchen counter? Of course, not. Will it make you sharper for both work and play for the duration of the day? Of course, not. Will you be happier because your waffle now looks like a keyboard instead of just a regular waffle? We don’t know, but it sure as heck looks way more fun.


The Keyboard Waffle Iron isn’t a standalone appliance like many waffle makers nowadays. Instead, you have to heat it on a stove, grill, or some other cooking surface to cook the popular batter-based breakfast staple. If you don’t mind the bit of extra work that goes with that, then this is your opportunity to finally spend your days eating keyboard-shaped waffles any time you please. That extra bit of work, by the way, involves pre-heating the iron over a cooktop before pouring in the batter, cooking one side for a few minutes, and then flipping it to the other side to complete the process. It comes with a folding trivet to keep the hot iron away from your table and countertop surfaces, as well as a waffle cook book for the recipe-challenged.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Keyboard Waffle Iron. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $60.

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