Keychron Q0 Max Adds Macro Keys, Gaming Keys, and Even a Knob to the Dedicated Number Pad

Many people we know use smaller keyboard sizes, doing away with the number pad to streamline their workspace setups. Others absolutely can’t live without the numpad, so much so that they use a standalone number pad keyboard for a lot of their everyday tasks. The Keychron Q0 Max takes the numpad keyboard and makes it even more versatile.

A custom number pad keyboard, it combines your standard numpad keys with macro keys, gaming keys, and even a knob control at the corner. That means, you can use it not just to type copious amounts of numbers much like a standard numpad key, but also use it for gaming and other tasks (albeit, with a lot of custom mapping, of course).

The Keychron Q0 Max is a wireless number pad keyboard, allowing you to easily integrate it into your setup without having to run any additional wires. It has the traditional numpad layout, so you get all the digits, a period, a number keys toggle, a slash, an asterisk, a plus, a minus, and an Enter key, giving you everything you need when inputting values into spreadsheets and other productivity software. While that would be the end of it for most conventional number pad keyboards, that, of course, isn’t the case here.

On the left side of the keyboard is a column of five macro keys, giving you a place to bind all your spreadsheet macros, so you can easily execute them while typing your seemingly endless strings of numbers. Of course, you can use them to bind your gaming macros, too, in case you’re one of those people who like to game on a numpad (yes, they do exist). For even more gaming functions, they added a row of four gaming keys with Playstation-style button labels. just in case you like playing games using the signature PS symbols. Finally, they put a rotary encoder knob on the top left corner that you can use for more precise control on both apps and games alike.

The Keychron Q0 Max comes with support for both QMK and VIA, so you can completely customize this according to your liking, with a 1,000 Hz polling rate, making it perfectly suitable as a gaming keyboard, since that polling rate should translate to just 1ms input lag. It has Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless connectivity, although it also includes a 2.4GHz dongle if you prefer a more dedicated wireless keyboard connection.

As usual, it gets Keychron’s premium construction with a 6063 aluminum body and dual gaskets on the plates to help reduce keyboard noise. You can get it with either Gateron Jupiter red, brown, or banana switches, with double-shot PBT keycaps in a KSA profile. If you prefer using different switches or keycaps (maybe, you want to use it as a dedicated mini-keyboard for gaming or media editing), you can also order just the barebones keyboard, which gets you the number pad without any switches or keycaps included.

The Keychron Q0 Max is available now, priced at $119 for a full keyboard and $109 for the barebones setup.

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