Keysquare Is A Stylish, Modern Carabiner Keychain

We’re pretty sure there was a time when wearing a carabiner on a belt loop with your keys hanging on it was fashionably acceptable.  These days, though, it’s just tacky.  Hanging your keys on a loop instead of dropping it in your pocket, however, is very convenient, making them easy to access while sparing your pockets from another extra stuffer (your giant smartphone and favorite multi-tool need that space, after all).  Maybe the Keysquare can serve you better.

Made by Machine Era Co, it’s a carabiner keychain updated for the times.  Designed to hang on a belt loop while holding your key fob just like old school metal carabiners, it brings all of the convenience with none of the fashion gaffe, so you can stay your stylish self while enjoying the utility of keys on your waist.

The Keysquare measures 1.75 x 0.875 and 0.187 inches, making it an ideal size for hanging from your waist or hiding inside your jeans pocket. To ensure durable and sturdy make, it’s constructed from a solid block of stainless steel that’s cut and machined into shape. Each one is sanded and buffed by hand for finishing.

While it, obviously, can’t function as a standard carabiner, it should make a more stylish replacement for some of the utilitarian clip’s functions.   Oh, and just in case you need another bottle opener, it can also double as one.

Currently fully-funded on Kickstarter, expect the Keysquare to start production soon.  You can still get your early orders in, with prices starting at $36.

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