KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool: Eight Tools On A Key-Sized Sheet

Multi-tools designed to hang around your key fob aren’t anything new.  For some reason, though, we’ve never really seen one that masqueraded as an actual key.  That’s exactly what the KeyTool Keyring Multitool does, bringing eight different instruments in a single key-shaped frame.

Because of its size and shape, it literally takes no more space than a regular key, so it can sit snugly in your keyring without adding any unnecessary bulk.  That means you can easily hide it among keys, making it the most inconspicuous multi-tool in the history of mankind (not that this recognition carries any real value – it just sounds awesome).

The KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool is a stainless steel instrument measuring an impressively small 1.97 x  0.79 inches.  Despite the diminutive dimensions, it manages to bundle eight different functional tools, namely three sizes of screwdriver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, tweezers, finger nail cleaner and a nail file. It comes with its own keyring and fake key too, in case you’d rather keep it away from your regular key fob.

Swiss knives are fun, but let’s face it: they take too much space in your pocket.  They made sense back in the day when people didn’t carry cellphones and iPods around.  Nowadays, they’re better left at home and picked up only when needed.  A key-sized multi-tool, on the other hand, is just the emergency instrument you need for impromptu handyman tasks – it gets the job done and it takes up an ignorable amount of pocket space.

The KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool available for $9.99.