Kids Rule Is The Giant Wooden Ruler Of My Childhood Fantasies

Want a giant ruler?  Of course you do.  Who doesn’t want a giant ruler?  If you have little kids, you can use that as the perfect excuse to get the Kids Rule. 

Made by Lovestruck Interiors, it’s a growth chart for measuring how tall your young ones are getting, just like those cardboard, canvas and plastic charts you can get from children’s supplies stores.  Instead of sporting cute kiddie graphics, it’s done up like a giant vintage wooden ruler — the kind you used to bring to school from back in the day.

Kids Rule is made from soft wood with a hand-stained finish of hardwearing protective varnish that gives it plenty of character.  Each one is meticulously stenciled by hand with measurements in either metric or standard units.  Like other growth charts, it’s designed for mounting up a wall, although we have a feeling this will be a lot more fun to use when not tethered to a surface, so your kids can use it to measure everything from the dog to the TV to how far they can long jump while wearing a giant mascot head. Or something like that.  The ruler can even be personalized with stenciled text up to 35 characters long.  It measures 180 x 22 x 2 cm (h x w  x d).

What if you don’t have kids?  Doesn’t really matter, a giant ruler is still awesome and would make a fine addition to your giant workstation right next to a giant architect lamp, while you sip on a giant cup of coffee and play with a giant sword.

The Kids Rule is available now, priced at £95.

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