You’ll Love Getting Your Claws On Kikkerland’s Adorable Crab Multi-Tool


It could be the worst, most cumbersome, and most annoying multi-tool to use in all of existence, but there’s nothing that’s going to stop the Kikkerland Crab Multi-Tool from easily becoming an integral part of anyone’s EDC gear. I mean, it’s a multi-tool that looks like a crab and that alone qualifies it in the multi-tool hall of fame.

We know, there’s no multi-tool hall of fame. If there ever was one, though, this one will be inducted on sight. I mean, it’s a multi-tool that looks like a crustacean. How can you not want to have one to pull out of your pocket?


The Kikkerland Crab Multi-Tool has beechwood scales shaped like the familiar crustacean, allowing it to mimic the likeness of a tiny crab when you flip out the tools, which resemble its appendages. It comes with six fold out tools, namely a scissor, a bottle opener, a 3/16 flat head screwdriver, a can opener, a mini knife, and a rope saw, so it should serve as a function multi-tool for light, everyday tasks. Since you’ll likely want to show this off in your desk for amusement, it comes with four fold-out legs that will allow the crab to stand upright on your desk, with two beady eyeholes allowing you to insert it on a keyring or a thin rope.


Can you trust this in a survival situation? Probably not. The rest of the time, though, this looks a whole lot more fun than any Victorinox, Gerber, or whatever other multi-tool brand you have in your stash.

Available now, the Kikkerland Crab Multi-Tool is priced at $20.

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