Killspencer Utility Belt: Not As Cool As Batman’s But Useful Enough For Securing Your EDC Gear


There’s no shortage of belt clips that you can use to secure your smartphone, your wallet, and other EDC gear to your waist. But why bother with belt clips when you can have Killspencer’s Utility Belt, which comes with integrated locking button snaps that you can use to secure your everyday carry.

Billed as a safe and efficient way to easily lock down your valuables, the belt is equipped with a patent-pending system that attaches any gear directly to the leather waistband. The gear can be mounted right on the hardware for hanging out in the open or attached to a cord that dangles from the belt for those times you simply want to avoid having stuff fall out of your pockets.


Despite the obviously Batman-inspired name, the Killspencer Utility Belt doesn’t come with a gaggle of gadgets for climbing walls, attacking villains, and performing other crime-fighting tasks. You can, of course, turn it into one, but the darn thing will need a little bit more work (actually, a lot more). Instead, it’s an erstwhile normal leather belt with a solid metal buckle and a series of punched holes towards the opposite end that you can use to perform the exquisite duties of holding up your pants. Or choking out an assassin in the alley. Or tying yourself in bed when things get particularly naughty. Or whatever else you use a belt for.

It comes with four snap mounts strategically located to be positioned near your pant pockets when the belt is worn, so you can keep your phone, wallet, and whatever else secure inside them without needing an excessively long cord. The exact position, by the way, varies slightly depending on the size of the belt to ensure they line up properly with both front and back pockets for a similarly-sized pair of pants. Each belt comes with three corded button snaps and one keyring snap, so you can mount all your keys in one and secure up to three of the stuff sitting in your pockets.


The Killspencer Utility Belt uses Pull-the-Dot’s directional locking button snaps, by the way, so you simply snap it in place to lock and pull down from the top to unlock. Since those snaps are readily available, you can also create your own customized snap-on accessories. Like, if you want to tack on a smartphone holster on there, simply buy a holster and attach a button snap onto it; same with turning a folding knife into a snap-mount folder. Granted, doing so properly will require some level of craftsmanship and skill, so attempt at the risk of ruining your own gear.


Construction is black bullhide leather for the band, which the outfit claims is thicker, denser, and more resilient than most other leather options, so this thing should last you for quite a while. Two belt widths are available: a slim one that’s 1.25-inch wide and a wider 2.5-inch version, with both available in 10 different sizes.

Available now, the Killspencer Utility Belt is priced at $155.

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