Kimbo’s Crotchless Shorts Let You Use The Toilet Without Taking Off Your Shorts


At first, our initial reaction is to ask why anyone would want to wear Kimbo’s Crotchless Shorts. I mean, the whole point of wearing clothes down there is to cover up our nether regions and having no crotch certainly won’t accomplish that.

As it turns out, that’s not actually what the garment is about. Instead, these shorts come with a zipper that runs the entire length of the crotch region, allowing you to free up your private parts to take a number one or number two in a jiffy. No more going half-naked just to take a tinkle — this thing lets you free up just the necessary parts.


If you’re thinking, who the heck needs a garment like Kimbo’s Crotchless Shorts? If you like going commando and prefer a more convenient way of using the toilet, this sounds like it delivers on that perfectly. Ladies can also use it in place of traditional undergarments when wearing skirts; same with men who don’t mind rocking one of those Tactical Kilts. In both cases, the shorts should make using the bathroom a way more convenient affair. Those who have limited use of their hands (e.g. arm injury) should find it a veritable lifesaver for those same reasons.

If you’re worried about the zipper giving the length of your crotch some painful burns, the whole section comes with two layers of overlapping fabric that should keep that from happening. Features include an 80/20 nylon-spandex construction, a pull cord that makes operating the zipper dead easy (just tug on the cord to close it back up), gripper elastic on the inside of the leg openings to prevent riding up, and two color options (olive and black).

Available now, Kimbo’s Crotchless Shorts are priced at $45.

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