Kimos Vacuum-Insulated Bottle Doubles As A Portable Battery-Powered Kettle

Thermos-style bottles are great, as they let you keep hot water at high temperatures for hours. Problem is, it still cools down eventually, leaving you with no recourse for hot water when you end up needing it much later. That’s why, the Kimos does traditional vacuum bottles one better by coming with an integrated heating mechanism that lets you heat its contents right on the spot.

That’s right, it’s a self-heating vacuum bottle, allowing you to heat and reheat its contents any time it gets too lukewarm for your liking. Want to reheat the coffee you packed in the bottle before drinking it? That will work. How about boiling water at camp without having to pull out a stove? Yes, this will work for that, too, making it a much more versatile alternative to the typical Thermos, Stanley, or whatever other brand of vacuum bottle you prefer.

The Kimos is an erstwhile ordinary-looking travel bottle with a cylindrical shape. While it looks like it can fit a decent amount of liquid inside, the heating function actually takes a bug chunk of that volume. As such, it can only accommodate up to 360ml of liquid inside, so you can’t really use it to pack a generous supply of beverage the way you would with a similarly-sized bottle from another brand. The onboard insulation, by the way, can keep its contents hot for up to four hours at a time.

Of course, the big selling point here it is the ability to serve as a portable kettle. To boil water, simply press the button at the top section of the bottle, which will fire up the heating elements. According to the outfit, it can send the entire 360ml content to boiling temperatures in around three minutes, so you won’t even have to wait that long to enjoy hot water, whether for coffee, tea, or instant ramen.

The Kimos is equipped with a built-in battery that holds enough charge for five boiling sessions, with five light indicators on the body letting you know how many boils it’s got left in the tank. We know… five boils probably won’t last you for a weekend of camping, so make sure to bring a power bank along to replenish the battery once it drains out. According to the outfit, the battery can fully charge from empty in around an hour of plugging in.

The main water container inside is made from stainless steel, so it won’t retain the smell of any specific beverage you decide to place inside the bottle, while a rubber housing allows for a comfortable grip. According to the outfit, all the electronic components are waterproof, so you can drink freely without having to worry about getting water on the buttons or charging slots, while a safety sensor will prevent the heating elements from turning on when it detects the bottle is empty. Other features include a weight of 2.1 pounds when empty, a no-spill sealed cup, and a rubber base to ensure it will be stable when set down on a surface.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Kimos. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $89.

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