Kinekt Gear Ring Adds A Mechanical Assembly To Your Finger Bling

Bling doesn’t really do anything except adorn your body.  Hopefully, in a positive way, too.  While the Gear Ring does the same, it adds a slight twist that your inner engineer is bound to find downright entertaining.

Creaed by Kinekt Design, the band comes with a miniature set of gears that you can put into motion manually.  That way, you get to wear bling like regular folks without appearing like you’ve turned your back on the geekier proclivities that have long been your personal trademark.

The Gear Ring is made from a slab of matte stainless steel — none of that gold or platinum material that less-mechanically-inclined jewelry requires to be halfway wearable.   Instead, you’ll get your jollies with the moving assembly, which consists of six micro-precision gears slathered across the body and held by a pair of outer rims.  Turn the rims and the gears move, accomplishing nothing but looking very, very awesome.

As you can see from the picture, it’s quite the bulky piece of finger adornment, a fact that should raise the manliness factor even further.   Plus, it gives you something to fiddle with during tense moments, apart from offering instant amusement during times of utter boredom.

The Kinekt Gear Ring is available in eleven standard US sizes (from 5 to 15), priced at $165.  If you’ve got a tubby finger and need something bigger, they’re planning to accept custom orders soon, so you don’t have to be the only geek in your clique without one.  Check out the video below to see it in action.

[Kinekt via Gizmag]