Kineon Move+ Uses Laser And Light Therapy To Treat Joint Problems And Muscle Pain

Whether it’s caused by age, injury, or just plain overtraining (e.g. all those hard treadmill runs), joint pain isn’t fun. Not only does it make training and sports difficult, if not outright impossible, it can put a damper on your everyday activities, too. Basically, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate it, from stretching and strengthening exercises to hot compresses and therapeutic massages. If those don’t quite cut it for your own joint troubles, maybe the Kineon Move+ can bring the help you require.

Billed as a “safe, non-invasive, enhanced light therapy device,” the portable contraption uses a combination of lasers and LEDs to target specific joints by improving blood flow to the area, which should help trigger the body’s natural response to treat joint problems and muscle pain. Basically, they took the laser therapy offered in physio clinics (photobiomodulation) and put it in a compact package, allowing you to get the popular treatment anywhere at any time.

The Kineon Move+ consists of three medical-grade laser light therapy modules that can be mounted on an adjustable strap. To use, simply mount the modules you want to use on the strap and wrap the whole thing on the area you want to work on. Once activated, each module fires off a concentrated beam of light to the area under it, delivering heat up to 6mm deep inside the tissues, making it an effective solution for deep-seated pain. Doing this should help increase oxygenated blood flow to the area you’re treating, which will help speed up the body’s natural healing process.

What kind of healing processes will this trigger? Because of the increased blood flow, it can dilate blood vessels and trigger the growth of new ones, as well as decrease inflammation, reduce pain, stimulate collagen production, and relax the muscles. In past studies, red light therapy has also been shown to trigger regrowth of cartilage tissue, although the outfit does seem to make a point of not promising this on their product page (since, you know, it’s never guaranteed).

The Kineon Move+ offers five-minute light therapy sessions, automatically turning off as soon as it finishes the treatment. This makes it especially useful for busy individuals, as you can get effective treatment without having to eat up a huge chunk of your time. If you want longer sessions, just turn it back on again to have it repeat the same preprogrammed sequence it performs every time. It’s passive, too, so as soon as you’ve got it strapped to the position that you want, you can just sit back and let it do the work, with no need to reach into each area the way you would with a massage gun.

Each light module, by the way, has its own rechargeable battery, which is enough to let it run for up to four hours of continuous use. It comes with a carrying case that also doubles as a charging dock, so you can just plug in the case and leave it to charge the individual modules.

The Kineon Move+ is available now, priced at $447.

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