Fido Fashion’s Power-Generating Dog Leash Uses Kinetic Energy To Light Up Your Dog-Walking Path


Got a dog who runs around like a crazed maniac while on a leash?  Put that hyperactive bundle of energy to good use with the Power-Generating Dog Leash, a retracting restraint that converts the  winding and unwinding of the leash into electrical power.

Since the primary design simply intended to eliminate the need for carrying a flashlight when walking your dog at night, there are no batteries.   Any energy generated, in fact, is immediately fed to the four integrated LED lights, which you can use to light up the path, find the keyhole when you get home or search for your keys in case you drop it along the way.

Created by Fido Fashion, the Power-Generating Dog Leash looks just like any standard retracting leash, with an integrated slot for holding a stash of poop bags (for the dog, not you).  It uses kinetic energy from the coil and recoil of the lash to generate usable electricity, which lights up the three downward-pointing LEDs and the one upward-pointing bulb.

Basically, you generate energy just to promptly waste it again.  Cool if you like walking the dog at night in dimly-lit places, but totally useless if you do it in broad daylight.  Seriously, this thing would be awesome if it can trickle a charge to AAs or pass it on to gadgets via USB.  Definitely more marketable.

The Power-Generating Dog Leash is still a good six months away from stores.  From the looks of it, the owner is still in the process of getting more funding for production.   We’re not sure how many people really need an integrated flashlight on a dog leash, but we do wish them the best.

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