King Arthur Round Swing Table: The Meeting Room Is Now A Mini-Playground


Board rooms have always been one of the least fun places in the world. It’s where companies hold boring meetings, do tedious brainstorming sessions, and make sleep-inducing presentations that someone could have probably just summarized in an email instead. But if the board room had a conference table with swings for seats, can it be less-agonizingly dull? That’s what you can discover with the King Arthur Round Swing Table.

Made by Duffy London, it’s a large, round conference table, similar to the ones you’ll see across office board rooms around the world. Well, almost like those, because this one comes with integrated seats that are suspended from the table’s unusually tall frame, immediately turning a board room into a semi-playground with multiple swings where you can plop down and start rocking back and forth (and maybe even play round table ping pong or something).


Granted, swinging back and forth on the King Arthur Round Swing Table sounds like a mild injury waiting to happen, since you’ll inevitably end up swinging right into the table edge. Still, from the way the chairs are suspended, it looks like you can swing left and right, too, so you can have that as a viable alternative to biting your nails, tapping your pen, and pulling hair out of your nostrils during moments of anxiety. Wait, what do you mean nobody pulls out hair from their nostrils other than me? You’re lying.


Two sizes are available, one with eight swing seats and another with twelve. Both can be ordered with either a walnut or white birch table top, along with a powder-coated mild steel frame. Other options include a geo-shade and a weatherized coating for outdoor use.

The King Arthur Round Swing Table is available now, priced at £10,500.

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