Kino Ninja Hoodie: Casual Wear For City Ninjas

We understand your need to dress up like a ninja.  You fancy yourself a practitioner of the stealth arts, after all.  Regardless, it’s not a good look if you want to fit in, pretty much, anywhere.  The Kino Ninja Hoodie, however, might offer a suitable solution.

Made by ARSNL, it’s a standard long-sleeved shirt hoodie with an integrated facemask.  That way, you can obscure your identity ninja-style without ostracizing yourself from the rest of society.  Because, you know, even ninjas need to get dates, too.

Just so the ninja costume capabilities aren’t obvious, the Kino Ninja Hoodie doesn’t come in black.  As stylish as black will always be, your wardrobe can probably use some slightly muted colors, too, so that’s what they offer here.  It’s made from cotton terry and comes with hidden pockets in the side seams.

Without the facemask pulled up, it looks like a standard shirt hoodie, so you can look as normal as that dude who sells loosies in the corner and picks his nose in public.  When pulled up, though, the mask covers your face up to the area below the eyes, while the hoodie obscures everything else, allowing you to anonymously carry out your ninja missions.

The Kino Ninja Hoodie is available now, priced at $68.

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