These Normal-Looking Kisai Link Bracelets Hide A Smart Notification System


Tokyoflash has long been known for making the kind of watches geeks find amusing, with dials that require a couple of mental leaps in order to read the time, like they did with models like the Rorschach, Kisai 3D, and Neutron. This time around, they appear to be going the opposite route, creating smart bands that take geekiness out of the equation with the Kisai Link.

A line of Bluetooth bracelets, it steers clear of the boring silicone bands that have become the de facto design of this generation’s batch of wearable fitness and notification devices. Instead, the line consists of bracelets that actually look like regular bracelets, made from materials like leather, braided rayon, woven cotton, beads, stones, and more, similar to the kind of wrist ornamentation people have been wearing since time immemorial.


The Kisai Link is a notification wrist band that lights up and vibrates whenever a notification comes in their phone. You can set which notifications to include from the accompanying app, as well as integrate it in your IFTTT recipes. Each one features Bluetooth 4.0, five vibration patterns, three colored LEDs, wireless charging (90 minutes for a full charge), and a battery that lasts up to five days. While they do look like regular bracelets, there’s a catch: there’s actually a small rectangular electronic component right by the band closure, which is designed to be obscured during wear by careful placement on the underside of the wrist.


Available directly from Tokyoflash, the Kisai Link retails for $79.

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