Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch Brings Tokyoflash To The Suited-Up Crowd

You love those funky Tokyoflash designs, but aren’t really too keen on slapping a watch around your arm.  Enjoy the same time-telling weirdness sans the sweaty wrist with the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch.

Styled in the classic pocket watch form, it features a round stainless steel case with a spring-hinged cover and crystal lens, measuring 46.8 cm in diameter and 13.2mm in thickness.  It’s connected to a 35 cm stainless steel chain with a hook on the other end  for hanging onto your lapel, waistcoat or belt loop.

The Kisai Rogue Touch features an always-on display that’s visible even without turning the backlight on.  Screen is touch-sensitive and features four hot zones that you can tap to change mode (time, date, alarm and light switch, respectively).  Want to change settings?  Hold your finger on the corresponding hot zone for a few seconds and an edit screen shows up.

Of course, the seemingly unfathomable display is the star attraction.  In this watch, it consists of lines, dots and shapes arranged into concentric dials that look more like dashboard instruments on a spaceship than a time-telling screen.   The 12 large outside blocks represent the hours, with the square dots just inside it telling the minutes.  Want a second time zone?  You can use the two innermost rings, which work the same way as the outer rings (just alter the settings).

If you’ve passed on Tokyoflash watches because they didn’t go well with your daily suit-and-tie garb, the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch might prove a more suitable timepiece.  Long as you don’t mind having a chain hanging by your waistline, of course.  Price is $149.