Kisai Stencil LCD Watch Shows Time As Lines And Dots

I’ve been loving the latest designs from the Tokyoflash Kisai line.  Sure, the time-telling is still funky, but they rarely take over a minute to explain, unlike their older models.  The new Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD follows the same less-confounding pedigree, displaying the time in blocky digits made from lines and dots on a four-panel grid.

For this watch, the screen is divided evenly into four areas, each of which displays one digit of the current time.  The top row has the hour and the bottom has the minutes (you can check the pic above to get the hang of using it).

Like other Tokyoflash watches, the Kisai Stencil LCD can alternate between time and date displays, as well as work as an alarm.  It has an “always on” display, with an electroluminescent backlight that you can trigger for night time use.  The display is either mirrored with dark lines (like old school digital watches) or colored with mirrored lines (blue, red, green, pink or green).

The actual watch is designed for unisex use (has a narrow design), with a stainless steel case measuring 33 x 47 x 10 mm that’s water resistant at 1 meter depth up to 30 minutes.  Strap comes in either black or white, with a stainless steel buckle.  And, yes, the strap has the same blocky design as on the screen.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD is now available for $99, which will shoot up to $139 after two days.  As with other watches from the company, this is a limited edition piece that you probably won’t be able to buy after this batch.