This Foldable Kitchen Bag Holder Makes Plastic Bags Even More Convenient


Disposable bags are convenient. You use them, throw them away, and you’re done with them till the end of time. The Foldable Kitchen Bag Holder makes them even more convenient, giving you a way to make bags sit upright on tables and kitchen counters just like ordinary containers.

Made by Ippika, it’s a kitchen tool with four poles where you can hook the folded top of a plastic bag. Not only will it hold the bag upright, it will keep it opened wide, too, making it easy to chuck in throwaways onto the garbage bag while you’re slicing veggies or fill a zip-lock bag with leftover stew for keeping in the Chillerator overnight.


During use, the Foldable Kitchen Bag Holder, basically, serves as corner legs for the bags, allowing erstwhile unstable plastic bags to be used as tabletop kitchen containers. No need to hold it open with one hand, hang it on a hook, or use a separate dish as a base – just set this thing up next to where you’re working and you’re good to go. Even better, the whole thing can fold into a U-shaped flat bundle, making it easy to stow away even in crowded kitchen drawers. It features four legs to keep it from moving along counter tiles and rubber tips to prevent the bags from slipping.


Available now, the Ippika Foldable Kitchen Bag Holder retails for $18.

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