Kitchen Table Tennis Turns Island Counters Into Ping Pong Central

That island countertop in the kitchen sure comes in handy for a whole load of things.  So why not burden it with a few more and turn that into the home’s official game table with this Kitchen Table Tennis Set.

A folding game kit, the set unfolds into a complete table tennis playing area that covers the kitchen tabletop.  That way, you can hit those little balls with Incredible Hulk power using your Brodmann Blades without ruining the table surface and earning your parents’ ire.  Haha, you still live with your parents.

The Kitchen Table Tennis is a wooden game surface measuring 84 x 42 x 0.25 inches (l x w x h) that can set up over any flat surface.  It comes with a net measuring 4 inches high that you clip to either edge at the center of the board, along with a set of balls and paddles, so you can hold a kitchen ping pong tournament right out of the box.   Once you get bored of hitting little balls with hand paddles, you can reverse the wooden slab to reveal chess and backgammon boards.  Pieces for both games are also included.

When fully-folded, the board compacts into a portable bundle that fits inside an accompanying tote bag that measures 42 x 28 inches (w x l), which you can easily hide in one of the cabinets around the kitchen.  And since you’re already in the kitchen, you can just grab a beer and make sandwiches on the fly, ensuring games never get disturbed by food and liquor breaks.  Genius.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Kitchen Table Tennis, priced at $149.95.

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