Kitchen Safe Uses Time Lock To Restrict Access To Tempting Foods

Having a hard time disciplining yourself in the kitchen?  We can relate.  It’s not that easy to resist the temptation of that “one last cookie” or “just one more tiny piece of chocolate,” after all.  The Kitchen Safe is a gadget intent on holding you to your saner decisions.

A food-safe jar, it looks like any other kitchen container with its chunky body and screw-on lid.  Unlike them, though, the lid won’t just come off any time you get the hankering for another bite.  Instead, it remains sealed, depending on how much time you set it to stay locked.  That way, you can finally stick to your resolutions of just one cookie per day — simply seal the jar back in, set the timer to 24 hours, and you can be jonesin’ for cookies all day without falling off the wagon.

The Kitchen Safe measures 6 x 6 x 6.5 inches (w x l x h), with a squarish body and a large opening at the top.  Armed with 3.5 quarts of container volume, you can use it to hold everything from gummi bears to chocolate bars to bags of chips.  To set the timer, simply rotate the dial to the desired setting, which can be anywhere from one minute to a whopping 10 days.  Once you’ve set the timer, you get a five second countdown to change your mind; otherwise, it’s all set — you won’t have to access to that stash of fried beer (yum) until after 48 hours.  The lid requires batteries to keep its lock, of course, so make sure it’s loaded with a pair of AAs.

While obviously ideal for folks watching their weight, the device should be plenty useful for other situations where temporary abstinence is required.  You can use it to house cigarettes when you’re trying to cut down, controllers to ween down on your gaming proclivities, iPhones when you don’t want any distractions while you study, and all sorts of stuff.

Currently, the Kitchen Safe is raising funding on Kickstarter.  You can reserve yourself a unit for pledges starting at $29.

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