Kite Patch Makes You Invisible To Mosquitoes

Over the years, mankind has come up with many ways to protect themselves from deadly mosquitoes, from repellent creams you can apply on your skin to silly fire-breathing contraptions for killing the two-winged bloodsuckers.   The Kite Mosquito Patch offers an innovative approach, rendering you invisible to the tiny insects when stuck anywhere onto your clothing.

Made by ieCrowd, it’s an insect-repelling patch that renders the wearer undetectable to ‘skeetos for up to 48 hours, almost like an invisibility cloak of sorts.  That way, you can sit in the middle of damp woodland, yet never fall prey to potentially harmful disease-carrying dipterons and their ilk.

Unlike other solutions that required you to rub chemicals on your body, the Kite Mosquito Patch simply attaches to any part of your clothing.  They perform the neat trick by emitting non-toxic compounds (all active ingredients are approved safe by the USFDA) that have been proven to block a mosquito’s carbon dioxide neurons, rendering them unable to track you as long as the compound remains active.  Measuring just 1.5 x 1.5 inches, it’s really small, too, so you can wear it on a jacket sleeve or a shirt without looking conspicuous.  Plus, it will leave just the same residue on clothes as a normal sticker, which means anything that stays behind can be easily washed off.

Obviously, Kite is the kind of product that will make a huge difference in places where malaria-carrying mosquitoes thrive in huge numbers, so for their crowdfunding project, ieCrowd allows backers to both order for themselves, as well as donate patches to families in Uganda.  Pledges start at $10.

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