A Cute Cat Peeks Out Every Time You Hang A Jacket On The Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook


Wall hooks are great, since they let you hang jackets, bags, and a whole load of other stuff to keep them from being scattered all over the floor. As great as they are, they’re boring as heck and the Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook looks just as boring. Until, of course, you actually hang something and find a cute little kitty peeking out of the mounted black box.

Nah, the kitty doesn’t actually do anything. Doesn’t purr. Doesn’t bat its eye adorably. Doesn’t do any of the endearing things little kitties do. But, hey, having a kitty peek out is a lot more entertaining than hanging your jacket on a random hook and having nothing happen.


The Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook consists of a black box with a cat’s curved tail sticking out of the bottom. When you hang a bag, jacket, or any other item on it, the weight pulls down the hook, opens the top lid of the box, and prompts the cat to peek out, giving you a whimsical reward for tidying up around the house. It mounts to the wall via the box, which can either be screwed for permanent placement or taped for easy removal (just keep whatever you hang on the lighter end of the scale).


Available in two colors (black and brown), the Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook is priced at £12.99.

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