Klaffi Foldable Wall Shelves Can Close Up When Not In Use

Sometimes, your wall shelves are very useful.  Other times, they just remain barren and empty.  You like to change things up that way.  Problem is, you wish you can just get rid of shelves when you feel like it without having to plug the holes and repaint them.  Well,you can do just that with the Klaffi, a foldable wall shelf system.

Instead of removing the shelves when you don’t want to use them, though, you just fold them in using the built-in pivoting mechanism.  That way, you don’t have surfaces sticking out of your wall when you don’t need them.

Designed by Finnish designer Eeva Lithovius, the Klaffi are actually tall cabinet shelves made up of folding racks with very narrow bodies.   Since the skinny frames won’t allow it to stand on its own, the entire rig is mounted up a wall, making them ideal for use in cramped hallways and bathrooms.  When you don’t need any shelving space, just close up every rack and all you’ve got is a flat surface attached to the wall; when you need extra storage or display space, just pull down as many racks as you need.

It comes in two sizes: small (10 x 75 inches, width x height) and large (14 x 75 inches).  Both feature multiple shelves that you can fold and open at your discretion.

The Klaffi comes in black, natural wood and white finishes.  They’re expensive, though, with prices starting at €310.

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