KLAX Multi-Tool Lets You Weaponize A Piece Of Stick Into A Deadly Axe

Just like the gazillion of multi-tools out there, KLAX can be used as a hammer, a hex wrench, and a ruler, among other things. Unlike them, however, the darn thing can attach to the end of a handle and immediately turn into a deadly axe that lets you live out your lumberjack (or axe murderer, whichever the case may be) fantasies.

When detached from its handle, the device is slim enough to be slipped into your jeans’ back pocket, allowing you to walk around with an axe head literally on your person. And while it comes with its own handle (two options, either curved or straight), it’s perfectly feasible to scour for any elongated piece of wood then attach the head to it using the integrated clamping mechanism. They estimate around five minutes of work to properly prepare a random piece of stick into a functional axe handle (your mileage, of course, may vary).

Each KLAX is machined from a metal plate (either steel or titanium) measuring 0.3125 inch in thickness that’s heat treated to a hardness between 40 to 45 HRc. The creators claim this level of hardness affords it the necessary strength, all while taking into account the need to hold onto an edge. When detached, it can serve as a functional hammer, hex wrench, scraper, ruler, and bottle opener.

Made by Klecker Knives, the KLAX is currently raising funds for a production run from Kickstarter. Four models are available, with pledges to reserve a unit starting at $115.

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