Klever X Speed Just Might Be The Commuter E-Bike You’ve Always Wanted


We’re big fans of electric bicycles as a commuting vehicle. Problem is, range, speed, and reliability are still things many in the market really need to work out. Fortunately, the Klever X Speed gets a handle on all of those concerns, turning out an e-bike that may very well serve as an ideal everyday commuter.

Boasting better reliability than other electric bicycles, the bike doesn’t use off-the-shelf electric conversion systems like most in the field. Instead, it relies exclusively on the outfit’s proprietary Biactron rear drive system, whose direct-drive setup makes it more robust and reliable than traditional central motor systems, all while operating at noise levels under 50 decibels for relatively silent operation.


The Klever X Speed comes with a 600W motor, which lets you ride at speeds of up to 27.9 mph. A battery right on the frame gives it a range of up to 43 miles, with a swappable design that allows you to park by the side of the road and quickly plug in a backup to extend it during longer rides. All cables and connections are nestled out of sight inside the bicycle’s frame, helping give it the clean, uncluttered appearance.


It comes with a 2.2-inch LCD for providing real-time riding stats, along with Bluetooth for pairing with an app, where you can lock the motor to prevent unauthorized use, and electronic theft alarm. Other features include a Shimano 10-speed transmission, Formula CX3 hydraulic disc brakes, 27.5-inch wheels, and Super Moto X tires.

Available now, the Klever X Speed is priced at €4,899.

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