Klhip Redesigns The Nail Clipper

The nail clipper works as it is.  That’s why nobody’s bothered to redesign the damn thing.  Until, of course, someone came up with the Klhip.

Billed as “the ultimate clipper,” the contraption is designed to trim your nails just like any regular nail scissor you can grab at the beauty products store.  Except it’s been engineered to deliver better ergonomics for effortlessly shearing the hard skin off your hands and feet.

The Klhip changes things up by putting the pressure lever directly above the blade, so you’re pushing right on the same spot where the nail is being clipped.  That way, you accomplish your cutting with a more comfortable grip that exerts less strain on your hand (even when attacking those gnarly toe nails).  It also restricts the blade to one side, creating a unique cutting action that results in smoother nails (double blades tend to tear the nails) and clippings that fall directly to the floor (instead of flying off elsewhere in the room).

Make is surgical stainless steel, with a natural satin finish that makes it look as good as its operation is clever.  It comes with an optional leather case, as well, sporting a zippered closure and similarly sleek looks.

Granted, your current nail clipper might be getting the job done.  We doubt it can do it with the same elegance and finesse as the Klhip, though.  It’s currently on pre-order, with shipping slated for December 20.  Price is $50 for the clipper alone and $80 with the “buttery soft” leather case in tow.