These Klips Provide A Stylish Alternative To The Humble Binder Clip


Like many people, I use binder clips to manage the cable mess of gadgets and consumer electronics around the house. They work well enough, although they do look less than inviting. Yeah, they’re not pretty. Klips wants to offer a much more stylish solution.

Billed as a “universal leather cable organizer,” it’s, basically, a small strip of leather shaped like one of those Band-Aid bandages with magnets on either end, allowing you to easily snap both ends together to create a loop. You then use that loop to tidy up your mass of charging cables, headphone wires, and power cables, making it an equally useful yet much more pleasant-looking alternative to the humble binder clip.


Since Klips come with magnets, you can secure them to any ferrous metal in your workspace, whether it be the side of a steel desk, a CPU tower, or the frame of your cubicle partition. You can, of course, also use them for a whole load of things beyond organizing cables, such as serving as a money clip, holding a bundle of pens together, and attaching a pen to your notebooks cover. Because of the magnets, you can also use them to secure more than notes and bills to the fridge door, allowing you to keep keys, chargers, and other easy-to-lose objects in the heart of the kitchen.


In case there are no metals in the vicinity, they come with a stainless steel accessory called Dock Station, with a micro-suction grip on the bottom panel that lets you attach it to any vertical or horizontal surface. Klips come in two sizes: 85mm and 135mm.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Klips. Pledges to reserve a pair starts at $12.

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