Klipsch Forte III Revives The Classic Floorstanding Speaker For Modern Listeners


We’re not entirely sure why Klipsch’s once-signature speaker ceased production in the mid-90s, since it’s easily one of their most popular and most iconic models. Whatever the reason, that speaker is making a comeback this year in the form of the Klipsch Forte III.

A new addition to the outfit’s Heritage series, the floorstanding speakers boast “updated cosmetics and the latest advancements in acoustic engineering.” We’re guessing that means these things both look good and sound exceptional, ensuring they can stand up to the lofty stature of the original Forte from 1985.


The Klipsch Forte III still retains the familiar aesthetic elements of the original speaker, albeit with updated details to give it a more contemporary flair. It has a three-way design that combines a horn-loaded mid-range and tweeter with a 12-inch woofer, along with all-new titanium compression drivers that boast a smooth and powerful response. The mid-range horn, by the way, is equipped with patented tech that, the outfit claims, highly improves the coverage and control of the mid-frequency band, creating a listening experience that’s unlike any thing you’ve heard before.

A massive 15-inch passive radiator sits in the back of the speaker’s cabinet, where it operates on the acoustic pressure generated by the woofer to create a deeper and more extended bass sound. Combined, the speaker’s hardware create a large and booming sound that can fill large rooms with deep and robust acoustics.


The Klipsch Forte III’s cabinet is cut in book-matched wood veneers that are precisely arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint. As such, everything looks like one continuous surface, as if the whole thing was cut from a single block of wood. It’s available in four distinct finishes, namely distressed oak, cherry, black ash, and walnut, ensuring you can find one that will blend seamlessly into your home’s décor.


Available now, the Klipsch Forte III is priced starting at $3,600 a pair.

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