Klipsch Lightspeaker Crams A Wireless Speaker Into A LED Bulb, Fits Into Conventional Sockets


Want ambient sounds around your house but have neither the space nor the patience for wires?  Here’s a novel solution:  hide it behind your home lighting with the Klipsch Lightspeaker, a functional LED bulb that conceals a wireless speaker inside its can-like frame.

It works exactly like it sounds.  A screw-in lightbulb that fits into any regular Edison socket has been crammed full of electronics to allow it to pick up tunes and pump it out, giving any room in your house a usable speaker system without requiring a whole lot of extra work.  Forget clearing a spare table or nailing shelves to a wall – your speakers now hang comfortably off your ceiling, along with your lighting system.

The Klipsch Lightspeaker uses a LED bulb that’s rated to last for fifteen years and puts out the equivalent of 65W of illumination while sipping on only 10W of power.  It’s completely dimmable too, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to music when setting the mood in any room.

For your musical enjoyment, each unit comes with a 20-watt low-distortion amplifier and a 2.5-inch wide dispersion driver.  Up to eight Lightspeakers can stream music at the same time (in two  different zones) at up to 50 feet from the bundled transmitter (it uses a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology).

Want to have music constantly piping in your bathroom, garage, patio and any area where you’ve got a lighbulb screwed in?  Just replace it with one of these things and you’re set.   It will come in sets of two, with a bundled transmitter and remote, for $599; individual Lightspeakers will go for $249.  Release is slated for the end of January.

[Klipsch via Gizmodo]