Knaus Sun i: This Motorhome Brings Refined Luxury To Your Outdoor Adventures


If you plan to splurge on a motorhome, and we do mean splurge, then you’ll definitely want to look at the Knaus Sun i. Billed as the leisure vehicle manufacturer’s “luxury liner,” the darn thing looks like a veritable penthouse suite on wheels.

From the outside, it looks like any high-end motorhome, with nothing particularly fancy or ostentatious about it. Heck, it has neither the smooth, fluid lines of some of Knaus’ lesser models nor the badass aura of other luxury motorhomes. Step inside, though, and you’ll appreciate the grandeur, with living spaces and amenities that go above and beyond the typical mobile home.


Built on a Fiat Ducato, the Knaus Sun i measures 29 feet long and weighs 8,289 pounds, with stiffened roof, floor, and walls to ensure durable function. It can be outfitted with two different floor plans, one that uses separate single beds at the back and another with a queen bed in the back for couples, both of them able to sleep up to four people comfortably (the driver’s cabin transforms into a two-person bed). Both plans use the same layout for the rest of the living space, which incorporates two large couches, a large table between them, a slate kitchen countertop with sink, a three-burner hob, a 190-liter fridge, a bathroom, and plenty of cabinets for convenient storage.


It comes with integrated water, gas, heating, waste water, and electrical system, the service boxes for which are all easily accessible from the outside, ensuring you can live in comfort even while out on the road. Like many luxury motorhomes, the extras are what turns it from good to amazing, with options for a retractable outdoor TV, storage units that pop out from the floor at the push of a button (seriously), air conditioning, an alarm system, and more.


Pricing for the Knaus Sun i starts at €97,400.

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