More Than A Throwing Knife, The Kniper Packs A Rangefinder, Smoke Bowl, And 19 Other Tools


Like other throwing knives, the Kniper has a design and weight that’s optimized for effectively throwing at targets in an accurate manner. Unlike them, it also functions as a multi-tool with a selection of talents aimed at serving the outdoor adventurer.

No, it’s not just a throwing knife with a bottle opener and a couple of hex wrenches integrated. Instead, it comes with a whopping 22 tools onboard, rendering the need to carry a separate pocket knife absolutely unnecessary.


The Kniper is milled from a single piece of 420 high-carbon stainless steel, ensuring it has all the toughness required of a knife you’re going to bring along when hiking, camping, or spending any amount of time in the wild outdoors. Aside from piercing through air to nail a rampaging zombie right between the eyes, it can also be used to slice any rabbit you manage to hunt down for dinner, strip and break wires, remove nails, saw off branches of wood, pry things open, and even serve as an eating fork. There’s also a rangefinder, a ruler, a sundial, a space for lashing straps, and even a small tobacco bowl for smoking your favorite wilderness herbs. Of course, it’s got boring multi-tool staples, too, including a bottle opener, a hex hole, two screwdriver heads (Phillips and flat), and a closed wrench, just in case you need to fiddle with your gear in the wild. It measures 13 x 2.5 inches (length x width).


Now available for preorder (first shipment goes out in June), the Kniper is priced at $75.


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