Knockout Turns Regular Bottles Into Beer-Bombing, Smoke-Blasting Gravity Bongs

A bottle of beer is always a good thing.  But unless it’s got ridiculously high liver-punishing ABV, it’s just good, not awesome.  A bottle of beer with this Knockout attachment inserted into the mouth, however, is all manners of mind-blowing.

Consisting of a mouthpiece and a tube with a valve at the end, you simply insert the tube into the bottle and fit the mouthpiece over the top (make sure it’s sealed, so none of the liquid spills).  Once it’s set, you simply suck on the mouthpiece and flip the bottle upside down.  The pipe on the outside allows air to go in while the valve keeps it from escaping, pushing beer down at a high pace straight down into your mouth.

Once you’re done cleaning up that beer, the Knockout-reinforced bottle is now a functional bong.  If you’re up for it, simply fill the bottle halfway with water, put some herb on the pipe (it’s designed to hold one gram at a time), and light it up to get your smoke on.  And the party doesn’t end there.  You can also use it for waterfalls (flip it over and let the water pour out as the bottle fills with smoke), as well as buckets (remove the bottom half of the pipe, block the mouthpiece, and lift up as you light the bowl).  Basically, this thing turns any humble bottle into a beer-swigging, bowl-smoking party dude’s best friend.  Construction is food grade silicone and stainless steel.

Available now, the Knockout retails for $30.

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