Knoll Ollo With Knit Back Updates The Versatile Office Chair With Even Better Back Support

If you’ve researched office chairs in the past, chances are, you’ve heard about the Knoll Ollo, a multi-use chair that combines simplicity-of-use with a versatile function around the workplace.  It’s the perfect chair for folks who don’t want to perform half a dozen adjustments to find their ideal sitting position. The Knoll Ollo with Knit Back updates the popular office chair with an entirely new back rest – one that retains its responsive elements while giving users even greater support.

To the unfamiliar, the original Ollo had a low backrest that’s cut in a two-piece shell, providing structured lumbar support in its lower section and an active dynamically-flexing upper section that accommodates your natural movements. This version updates that with a mid-height backrest sporting a more upright posture.

The Knoll Ollo with Knit Back uses a shapely back rest that’s taller than its predecessor, all while coming with a more upright frame that should encourage better posture. The frame is covered in a mesh knit that, the outfit claims, will provide consistent and resilient tension all throughout your back, with the fabric accommodating your upper body as you move in place during the course of the day. The mesh should also make it cooler with its breathable open weave construction.

Similar to the original, it delivers “active pivot control” that lets the chair recline without any manual adjustments by simply sliding the seat forward and up as you lean back, so you still get the same convenient function even with an entirely new back design. The seat returns in place as soon as you go back to a more upright stance.

The Knoll Ollo with Knit Back retains the simplicity of the shell back version, offering just a height adjustment with no other manual controls. According to the outfit, this lack of customization makes it ideal as a general-use chair around the office, as anyone can get comfortable on it at any time, while being dynamic enough that it can support your movements if you sit on it throughout the workday.

The Knoll Ollo with Knit Back is available with a variety of choices in seat upholstery and knit colors. It’s available now, priced starting at $870.

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