Knoll Prism Is A Furniture Collection Fit For A Supervillain HQ


You may be a supervillain setting up a headquarters for your evil operations, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the typical hassles of moving into a new place. From repairs to renovations to installing utilities, you still have to do it all. And, yes, you have to shop for furniture to make the place look appropriately megalomaniacal. Fortunately, we found a few pieces that should fit a brand new supervillain abode hand-to-super glove: meet the Knoll Prism.

Designed by David Adjaye, it’s a three-piece living room set sporting geometric silhouettes that make them such a perfect complement to your headquarters’ world domination exploits. We’re not entirely sure why the multi-faceted, geometric styling works so well with a supervillain theme, but it really does. I mean, look at the chair and tell me you can’t imagine someone like Dr. Doom or the Red Skull sitting there, complete with feet up on the accompanying ottoman.


The Knoll Prism consists of three pieces: a lounge chair, an ottoman, and a side table. You plop down on the chair with your supervillain regalia on, put your feet up on the ottoman, and place your death ray blaster on the side table, ready to be drawn in case a spandex-wearing crime-fighter drops by without notice. Each piece features a Baltic birch plywood base that’s covered in a plastic core laminate to lend that glossy vibe, with seats done in individually-upholstered panels of urethane molded foam and the table top cut in marble. Oh yeah, the lounge chair comes with a swivel base, so you can totally spin around, angry and enraged, after your henchmen tell you the latest plan to take over the city has been thwarted by a masked man in a cape.


Since supervillains are expected to have inexhaustible troves of resources at their disposal, the Knoll Prism comes listed at appropriately evil price points. That chair? $10,116. That ottoman? $5,075. That side table? $4,966.  Holy mackerel!

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