KnowRoaming SIM Cuts Roaming Charges On International Networks By Upto 85%

Mobile roaming charges are downright ridiculous.  Which makes the whole notion of using your everyday phone during travels outside the country a totally unappetizing idea.  Of course, you can always swap out your existing SIM for a prepaid local number, which is simple enough.  KnowRoaming, however, makes the process even simpler.

Instead of having to swap out a new SIM every time you land in a new country, the system simply attaches a sticker onto your existing SIM.  From that point on, you can use the exact same SIM to connect to different local providers wherever you are in the world — no more manually switching SIM cards ever again.

While you’re at home, KnowRoaming remains discreetly dormant, allowing you to use your regular network account as you normally do.  Once you arrive in a new country, however, you simply launch the accompanying app (available on iOS and Android, with Windows Phone and Blackberry coming) and choose your new settings.  You can purchase a number in the host country (so people can call you), purchase prepaid minutes and messages, then send SMS and make calls while incurring nothing more than local charges.

As of now, KnowRoaming already has agreements in place with wireless carriers in over 220 countries.  From the app, you can choose which networks you want to use, as well as brush up on local rates.  It will also connect your permanent number at home, so calls get forwarded seamlessly even while you’re abroad.

KnowRoaming is currently collecting pre-orders directly from their website.  Price to reserve one starts at $35.

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